About Luv

Luv Israni (born 11th July 1985) is an Indian fashion and advertising photographer. Luv is an ace photographer and personifies an eccentric and inspiring spirit; untamed yet Sophisticated; spontaneous yet focused; zest for life; enthusiastic and tremendously visual.

Luv has completed his education from MMK College Bandra. Earlier known as Mohit Israni Photographer, Luv Israni excels in almost all genres of photography.His Photographs speak a story of their own and flaunts an astounding amount of quality, clarity and crispness. Luv says,"I am a photographer because I love capturing beauties in different forms.

In 2005, Luv entered the trade and did his various shoots and that's when he started dwelling his career. Luv is one of the finest Advertising, Fashion and Celebrity Photographer shooting a number of Advertising campaigns, Film & Television Publicity, Product shoot, Magazine covers, Fashion Features, Model Portfolio, Catalogues.

JOURNEY At a very brownie age, Luv started his journey of a flourishing career as a child model. He was exposed to cameras at a very early age and gathered all the confidence, strength, ability on screen. His keen eye in direction was a big enlighten when he directed short documentary films on Mumbai 'bomb blast' and another 'Mumbai 4 A.M to 4A.M' in the year 2005. That's when he realized, his desire was not to get in front on facing the camera but his aspirations changed to rule the camera. He went behind the camera and chose to be a PHOTOGRAPHER since then. He then began his career doing portfolios and then moved to editorials, magazines which included leading television and bollywood stars. Now he's been doing a lot of advertising campaigns for a number of leading brands and film. He can do it without eating, but not without clicking.

Capturing the right moments

Mumbai based Megha R Israni and her team of Photographers and Cinematographers specialise in creating Stories for a lifetime. As for Megha, she is a self proclaimed dreamer who likes to create her own small fantasies for people in love, be it a story of a two Souls in love, or the unconditional love a father has for a daughter or even stories of family ties.. The backbone to her success fashion Photographer Luv Israni who also contributes to the authentic Pre weddings personally captured through his Camera.

The technical Wizard Luv always is in search for new technology which adds to Megha?s Creative skills on the Edit Table. The Sibling duo believe in making every Couple look no lesser than Bollywood Stars, along with striking the perfect balance between Creativity, Latest Gears, team work and post production to make the final Product a Master piece.